Email does not allow sending large files, there’s typically a limit of a few MB per transfer.
To circumvent this, we recommend using website to upload and send the content. Files must be sent to

Once you have sent the content to us, please additionally send a normal email to indicate what you have sent along with the description of the files and any commentary or narrative you would like to include.

We will respond to you to confirm we have received them. If you don’t get a response, it may mean that your files have not been received.

Smash file uploader is also Available for Android and Apple ios.

If you are using Windows, Click “Windows below”, for a mobile phone, click on “Mobile Phone”

Windows Instructions

  1. Go to site

2. Click The Central Button and select the files you would like to send to Burgess Hill In Bloom, you will be given a list of files in your default folder, navigate to where your files are held, select them and click open…

3. Enter your email address, to email address a subject and a message.
Then Press Send.

Where –

  • From = Your Email Address
  • To = Email address must be
  • Subject = A subject line
  • Message = Some relevant message

Apple / Android Phone Instructions

  1. Download Smash From the Apple Appstore or Google Play. These icons will link you to the app for your phone


Smash: File transfer
Smash: File transfer
Developer: Smash & Co
Price: Free


‎Smash: File transfer
‎Smash: File transfer
Developer: Smash & Co
Price: Free

2. Open Smash and Click the Icon

3. You will be presented with a list of files

4. Select the photos or videos you want to send. When you have selected all that you want, click “OPEN”

5. You will be presented with…

6. When Complete, you will get the Your Turn message. Click Share

7. Select how you want to share the files with us. Select email and send…

Please send the email to

We will confirm receipt. If you do not hear back, then we have not received it!