Karen Watling’s Garden Tour

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My garden started 5 years ago.  It was an old garden with fruit trees

We are lucky to have two big gardens, one is about 90ft and the top garden is about 150ft with four different areas. I Redesigned the garden myself and planted every tree and plant from scratch. I wanted to create a white garden with different areas for seating as the garden is south facing. From our french door windows I can see up the garden through the pergola which has white roses and white jasmine growing around it and the smell is amazing.

This year I have made up a VE day hanging basket introducing a little bit of red and blue and have made 10 hanging baskets.  

We have patio area which is full of White Hydrangea‘s box trees, topiary, and various Hostas of which I have about 15 varieties.

Behind the garage was a old rockery which I dismantled and instead built a decking area where I planted box hedging. In all, I’ve planted over 400 box hedging plants around the garden! We turfed the two smaller of the lawns, which takes a lot of looking after to keep them nice and green.

There was an old vegetable plot on the left of the garden which I took up and had another area with shingle laid down which makes a lovely area’. I put in a seated pergola with white jasmine growing over it, surrounded by box and a selection of trees.

Other side of the garden we have another shingle area which is full of white hydrangeas, tree fern and a white Clematis. We have couple of seats & table which is lovely to sit on round about 11 o’clock in the morning when the sun is coming up.

I’ve also got a flowerbed full of white roses growing in the corner. I have planted up a corner basket with white the  Petunias and white peonies either side.

We continue up to the top of the garden along the right hand side there is a white border which has hydrangeas begonias, hydrangea tree and a variety of white shrubs which this year have come out to lay a beautiful display of white flowers.

I had a little area around the greenhouse, so this year I  created a vegetable plot with potatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsley, chilli peppers, run a beans, broad beans, sweet potatoes, spinach and cauliflower; so hopefully we will be self-sufficient along with a beautiful cherry tree which has an abundance of cherries at the moment… Hopefully the blackbirds won’t eat them all!

I hope you enjoy looking at my garden as much as I have enjoyed creating it and keeping everything in order.