Pauline and Brian Bennett’s Garden Tour

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View this lovely garden from a tiered rockery, along a woodchip path to tranquil swing and water course.

Pauline says –
We are very much novices when it comes to gardening. Six years ago, which coincided with our retirement from full time employment, we had the opportunity to purchase a plot of former railway land at the back of our property, which doubled the size of our garden.  Up until then we had been observers rather than doers when it came to gardening. We are now on a steep learning curve with a constant battle with squirrels, pigeons and the dreaded slugs.

When it comes to planting it is very much trial and error despite watching gardening programmes on TV. There seem to be so many variables, soil type, full sun, shade, wet or well drained ground and the list goes on. However we are enjoying the journey and the satisfaction gained from successes.

For me the most pleasure is derived from watching and listening to the birds.