How to make leaf mould

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When the leaves start to fall in Autumn and covering our grass ans pathways, it is the time to
collect and put them to good use. As leaves rotting down can take a longer period of time than all the other vegetation which we place on our compost heap, it makes sense to compost them separately.

To do this you collect them up and place them in either hessian sacks or plastic sacks. If using plastic sacks then once you have filled them up to about three quarters full and tie the tops. You then need to pierce plastic sacks with a garden fork to allow the contents to breath and rot down without becoming a
soggy mess.

If leaves are covering your lawn and you need to cut the grass then, if your lawn mower has a grass box you can just mow the lawn and put the mixed grass and trees leaves (which have been shredded by the mower) into the sacks as mentioned above. This mix of leaves and grass will rot down and still give you some good leaf mould to use in a year’s time as an additive to a planting hole or as a mulch around shrub or tree roots or as a general mulch for herbaceous perennials.